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How To Take Care Of The Garden In Winter?

Autumn has come to be expected, and the summer temperatures have followed us for several weeks since the change of season, and there is still a lot of colds to come. Winter has already arrived, so if you are one of those lucky people who live in a home with a garden, it will not be enough for you just to take out your hat, scarf and gloves.

By this, we mean preserving what has cost you so much to achieve, that is, an idyllic green and lush garden that has been transformed into one of your favourite corners of the home.

Adapt The Irrigation

It is not watered in a similar way in all temperatures of the year. Clearly, during the winter, your garden will need less water and less compost. When you water, it should be in the highest quality hours of the day so that the frozen water does not burn all the plants and one way to know when to water, in the case of a dry winter, is to carry it for the weeks it takes to rain. . Two and a half to three weeks would be a good time to do it.

Protect The Most Vulnerable Plants

If you have been cooling more than necessary for a few nights and when you get up you find the garden literally frozen, you can always cover the most sensitive species with a plastic so that they can maintain a reasonable temperature. To help you take care of the garden in winter, you can use layers of mesh if you don’t want to spend money on buying a specific one.

Build A Home Greenhouse

Another way to take care of the garden in winter is to protect your garden so that you do not have to remove the vegetables from the home during this season. There it will depend on the site you have and how handy you are. You have tons of sizes, shapes, and simple methods to fix a home greenhouse without taking a long time or giving you unnecessary headaches. Besides, it would help you to protect some plants if you had room to spare.

Avoid Direct Contact With The Cold

Another trick to take care of the garden in winter is to protect those plants that are in pots throughout the winter from low temperatures by avoiding direct contact with the ground. This can be done by removing them against the wall, or providing a wooden surface or with pallets to add the pots to it.