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Posted on: November 4, 2020 Posted by: Andre Wilson Comments: 0

Artificial Grass And Wood, The Top Contrast Of The Summer

If you want to set up your balcony or terrace, we recommend you go for a combination that is positioned as the favourite for this summer. It involves mixing artificial grass with synthetic wood flooring.

Thanks to their low prices and their good appearance, these two materials represent an effective and accessible option for many people. There are many types of wood, but currently, synthetic wood pallets are being used a lot, which manage to be very similar to real wood, achieving a similar appearance, being cheaper and without requiring so much maintenance and specific care.

The best result with the minimum maintenance

The combination of synthetic wood with artificial grass can be done in many ways. You do not have to have a very large space, but to have good taste and good ideas. Both synthetic wood and artificial grass have a great benefit, and that is that they require practically no maintenance. You will be able to have an impeccable garden without the need to spend hours and hours taking care of it.

Think that if you bet on artificial grass, you can enjoy a dream garden without having to worry about mowing the lawn, removing weeds, pest problems, etc. The grass will always have the same size, the same colour, you can clean it easily, it will have a homogeneous density throughout the garden, and you can enjoy it all year round.

Possible combinations with synthetic wood and artificial grass

You can create a corridor from the door of the house to the pool area, to the garage or wherever you want, using a synthetic wood platform that crosses your artificial grass garden. It is a way of not having to step on the grass when it has rained or when you want to pass with a car or with shoes, without having to sink into the grass or step on it. You can add flowers and plants, which line the path.

Another possible option is to surround the part of the pool with wood, contrasting with the green of the lawn in the rest of your garden. This option is a very safe alternative because it will prevent people who bathe in the pool from slipping. In addition to the edge of the pool, you can also make a square and wider platform, to make a solarium area next to the pool, resting in your favourite hammock.

You can use synthetic wood to create or divide spaces in your garden. You can create a space for sunbathing, another for eating, a play area, a relaxation area, etc. You can do it with lattices, creating different levels and heights in your garden with synthetic wood flooring, etc.…